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Welcome to MRC - Management/HOA

Dear Homeowner Associations and Management Offices,

We understand that managing a property or a community comes with its unique set of challenges and responsibilities. Ensuring the well-being and safety of your community members is paramount, and one critical aspect of achieving this is selecting the right applicants for your properties. That's where our Tenant or Buyer Screening Service comes in.

Why Screening Matters

Screening is a vital step in safeguarding your property and community. It enables you to make informed decisions about potential tenants/buyers and minimize the risk associated with irresponsible or unreliable applicants. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that you're making the best choices for your community.

Our Comprehensive Tenant Screening Service

Our Tenant Screening Service is designed with your specific needs in mind. Here's how we can help:

Credit Checks

We provide detailed Transunion credit reports with FICO scores that give you insights into an applicant's financial history, helping you assess their ability to pay rent or association dues on time.

Background Checks

Our comprehensive background checks include criminal history, eviction records, and past rental history. This ensures you are aware of any red flags before making a decision. The records go past 15 years so you will decide what length of time is sufficient for you.

Customized Screening Criteria

We work with you to define specific screening criteria based on your community's unique needs and requirements.

Fast and Efficient Process

Our user-friendly online platform streamlines the screening process, providing quick results without compromising accuracy. Our service is available 24/7.

The Benefits of Our Service

By utilizing MRC screening services, Homeowner Associations and Management Offices can enjoy several advantages:

Risk Mitigation

Minimize the risk of problem tenants/buyers who could disrupt the community or fail to meet their financial obligations.

Legal Compliance

Ensure that your screening process is compliant with fair housing laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal complications.

Peace of Mind

Make informed decisions confidently, knowing you have access to comprehensive information.

Protect Property Values

Selecting responsible tenants/buyers helps maintain property values and the overall quality of your community.

Time and Cost Savings

Our efficient screening process saves you time and resources in the tenant or buyer selection process.

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security

We take data privacy and security seriously. Our systems are designed to safeguard sensitive tenant information, and we adhere to strict industry standards to ensure confidentiality.

Get Started Today

Choosing the right tenant is a crucial step in ensuring a harmonious and financially sound community. Partner with us and take advantage of our Screening Service to make well-informed decisions and protect your property and community's well-being. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and to explore how our services can benefit your Homeowner Association or Management Office. Together, we can build a safer and more prosperous community.

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